Mountain Black (Danfo Drivers) – Music industry neglected Mad Melon before death

Danfo Drivers, One-half of the music group, Mountain Black, has said that the music industry neglected his recently deceased colleague, Mad Melon, before his death.

Mad melon

Hours after news of the artiste’s demise surfaced on the Internet, many artistes had posted his picture on social media, mourning his death. However, some of his colleagues were of the view that it was just a show of ‘fake love’. A particular artiste, Kelly Hansome, described the Nigerian music industry as disrespectful and ungrateful, stating that those mourning his colleague did not support him before his death.

Danfo drivers

Mountain Black seemed to agree with Hansome. He said, “Yes, he was neglected (by the music industry). We became popular in 2003, and we had been managing ourselves since then. I believe that with God, all things are possible. We believed in ourselves, and that is why we were still relevant in the industry till now. The industry is very wide; you can fix yourself anywhere and make your money. We were, also, both involved in transportation business.”

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